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September 24, 2012
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Card Writer Spotlight:


United Healthcare 
A while back we received an inquiry about our program. As a result of that call, a representative from United Healthcare linked OperationPAL with their internal community service rewards program. If you work for United Healthcare, by contacting your HR department, you can acquire community service hours by writing to our wounded, and many of your fellow employees have already done so. 

UHC logo

We love seeing heartfelt letters of encouragement come in from those who know all too well what these recoveries entail. A bigOohRah goes out to all at UHC who have written, and are making this a regular activity!  


Address for Cards:


Marine's Name & Co. 
c/o OperationPAL
P.O. Box 670328
Marietta, Georgia 30066 

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Total Cards Sent:



As we say goodbye to summer, let's reflect on the memories and fun we had this year. Memorial Day's respectful events and fun BBQ's, the grand fireworks on July 4th, and that last summer weekend spent boating on a lake. (Thanks for the pic Kathy D!) Ahhhhhh Summer. We hope yours was restful and brought a well-deserved renewal. Flag on boat  

Now that we are 'back at it', whatever that may be, schedule some time to write to our wounded, and make sure they continue to be in your prayers. As you will read below, those no longer on our list are in need of continuing prayers too. 
Conflicts continue across the globe. Thank you for keeping all of our heroes and their families in your thoughts and prayers. 



Semper Family, 


Barbara Gemmell
Barbara Gemmell
Volunteer Manager
Operation PAL
MarineParents.com, Inc.
Participant Spotlight
Special request this month


Instead of featuring one of our participants, we'd like to acknowledge ALL of our participants, present as well as past. The ups and downs of these recoveries change from day to day and it seems that there has been an increase in requests lately for prayers from our current as well as previous participants. More thoughts and prayers are needed now than ever. Here are recent prayer requests from three who have been on our list since 2007.
LCpl. John D. 2/7 Weapons  
John's Mom Chris had been so proud that JT was able to do slight situps on his own. He was progressing well. However the latest updates from her are worrisome. First, she reported that JT has been in the emergency room with 'chest pains' too often lately and doctors need to find out 
Participant Spotlight: Lance Corporal John
why there is so much fluid in his lungs. More recently she said "Chest tube is in. They will do a CT scan to see if they are satisfied with the amount of fluid that comes out. If not, JT will have to have surgery where they will basically scrape the inside and outside of his lung. Doesn't look like he has another clot on the left. He seems fairly comfortable right now. Thank you for your prayers. They think it might have injured the lung with the first blood clots and that the injured lung hasn't healed and accumulated more blood because of the blood thinners he's on now - at least that's what the doctors are hoping." Then came.. "Not good news. Pulmonary Dr came in. JT's lung is still approx 60% deflated and still has fluid around it. We won't know anymore until the surgeons come talk to us late this afternoon." Then last night "Not good news. Major, risky, painful lung surgery this week. Send him lots of love and especially prayers...." 

LCpl. Arturo 2/7 
Arturo and Mary 2012
Arturo loves to see that envelope arrive in the mail each month. He says it gives him the boost that he needs when his body struggles to keep up with what he has to do each day. His wife, Mary, also gains strength knowing that so many people are still supporting them. This young couple is doing the best they can with the limitations they will be dealing with the rest of their lives.

HM2 Anthony 2/7 Fox Co 
Anthony and FamilyAnthony's wife Ivonne loves that she can express all her frustrations and that we not only allow her to do that, but constantly remind her she is not alone. Recently she mentioned how there are days when she grieves the life of fun and activity and vitality that she and Anthony looked forward to when they married. Little AJ is now in school. Anthony's ongoing emergencies, infections, and need of constant care do not allow for any lapse of vigilance. She knows it's harder on him than on her, but every caregiver needs to be reassured that they are doing the right thing, for the right reason, and any decisions she makes in Anthony's best interest are the right ones. 
Where Are They Now?

Updates on Two 


We have updates on two Marines this month. They are no longer receiving cards but in keeping with the theme of this newsletter, could use all the prayers you can muster.  

's Mom asks for prayers.  
 She says, "For all of you who know David, please keep him in your prayers.. He has been having severe headaches to where he is immobilized. Due to the shrapnel that he received from the IED, 
he is unable to get an MRI so they are working on a CT scan. He is going in tomorrow.. Praying for not so bad news!! He has been through enough, we went to the VA last week and found out that due to the explosion and all of the surgeries on his knees they are now deteriorating. They won't do a knee replacement until he is in his 40's but the way he is going he won't be walking by then.. Will be taking him to get his right hand looked at again and hopefully fixed right. He is still not able to use it a lot, he uses his arms to carry things. Just a lot still going on.. Like I always say, I will do whatever it takes to get him better, even if it isn't 100%..!!"

More of David's story 



Juan has been busy. There is at least some good news here. He married his fiance Alexis; his house was finished and presented to him on 9/11, but the latest info on him is another picture in the hospital. He's had to go back in for some more surgery, joining our list of those needing ongoing prayers. Get better soon Juan! 
Our last story featuring Juan 

Juan's support page including photos of his new home 

Mission Statement & Thank You


Operation PAL provides support -- through prayers and letters from the general public -- to service members who have been injured or become ill while serving in combat zones. This outreach program encourages support of our wounded heroes in communities throughout the United States.
Thank you so very much for remembering our wounded and ill when you write and pray. Your kindness is most appreciated!
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