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October 23, 2012
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Participant Spotlight: Cpl Todd 1st Recon
Where Are They Now: Sgt. Justin 2/7

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Card Writer Spotlight:


Linda R from Missouri - a very faithful writer, submitting a card at least weekly to each of our participants. She alternates, using hand stamps or hand writing, to convey uplifting thoughts and lovely wishes. The pictured cards were created from a magazine cutout and a photograph. 
Linda, this month we salute you. May knowing how much your cards mean bring sunshine intoyour life today.  


Address for Cards:


Marine's Name & Co. 
c/o OperationPAL
P.O. Box 0758
Columbia Missouri 65205

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Total Cards Sent:



OperationPAL has a NEW ADDRESS!!! Please note - all cards and letters should now be mailed to:

c/o MarineParents.com
P.O. Box 0758
Columbia  MO 65205

If you have sent something already, don't worry. The Post Office will forward everything for a while. 

USMC pumpkinThe Manager of the OperationPAL "guidon" is passing to another Marine Mom. There is no question that our new manager will take very good care of our wounded, their families, and you. Please join me in welcoming Angie Regan. You'll get to know more about her as she says 'hello' in the coming newsletters.    


It has been an honor to manage this program all these years. These healing heroes deserve all the respect and support we can give them. They are truly wonderful people and I can't say enough about their families....strong....committed....loving. I'll remain involved by writing to our wounded and gathering others to do so. 


The Marine Corps Race where I am raising funds for OperationPAL will take place in this weekend. You can help by making any donation no matter how small; the smallest of donations add up to my going out in a big way!  Read more and click through to donation instructions


Finally, those in the Corps neversay 'goodbye' so I'll end the way my Marine always ended his communications - "See ya later." 


Happy Halloween everyone! 

Semper Family, 


Barbara Gemmell
Barbara Gemmell
Volunteer Manager
Operation PAL
MarineParents.com, Inc.

Participant Spotlight
Corporal Todd, 1st Recon


Todd's Boot Camp Picture
Todd has been able to accomplish many of his sporting dreams (including wrestling an alligator), and you saw some of them in a past newsletter. He may not be on our list much longer because he just recently heard from the hospital."You are being permanently released and can now go live at home full time."  There is talk of building an adapted home for him but we have no specifics yet. 
In the meantime, however, there are many organizations helping our wounded and fortunately it's expanding. A group of musicians is helping our wounded either learn or get back into playing instruments. The Mom of a newly wounded patient said when she wheeled her son back into the building after his first outing they were greeted by the lovely sound of someone playing a piano. They followed the music and discovered it was being played by a triple amputee. She and her son were inspired to see what can still be accomplished after what could be viewed as catastrophic loss. 
We are lucky enough to have a video of our Corporal Todd. We are so proud of him! He's AWESOME and we think Bach would be proud too!  Click here to hear Todd play the piano



Where Are They Now?

Sgt. Justin, 2/7 


Sgt Justin
Photo Courtesy - Rivers Of Recovery

You remember this face....

Sgt Justin


Our volunteers were recently treated to a visit from Sgt Justin, an OperationPAL from 2008 who dropped in for the Purple Heart Hero Support dinner at the hospital last month. One said everyone was fighting over who got to stand next to him for pictures. It looks like everyone got a turn. 


We are all so proud of him. His title is "Director of GuidingOperations" at www.RiversOfRecovery.org, helping his fellow wounded Marines gain back confidence while their bodies and minds heal. Justin is a double amputee and has accomplished so much. Every one of the volunteers felt blessed to have him come by to say hello. 

 Justin's OperationPAL page ...

 Sgt Justin 2/7  



Mission Statement & Thank You


Operation PAL provides support -- through prayers and letters from the general public -- to military members who have been injured or become ill while serving in combat zones. This outreach program encourages support of our wounded heroes in communities throughout the United States.
Thank you so very much for remembering our wounded and ill when you write and pray. Your kindness is most appreciated!
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