Operation Prayers and Letters for Injured Marines
August 19, 2011 

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Card Writer Spotlight
Address for Cards
Participant Highlight: Sgt. James CLB-2
Update on LCpl. John 2/3






Total Cards Sent










Most Recent Changes





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Card Writer Spotlight:
We received some gorgeous work with this note inside:

"Dear OperationPAL,
The enclosed letters are from the Phoenix Girls Challenge group. The Challenge group is active in community service. The girls range in age from 10-18 and they send their prayers and best wishes to the injured Marines."

Well, Phoenix Girls Challenge group, we salute you. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into the lovely cards for our wounded.



Address for Cards


Marine's Name & Co. 
c/o OperationPAL
P.O. Box 1115
Columbia, Missouri 65205







Mission Statement



Operation PAL™ provides support - through prayers and letters from the general public - to Marines and Corpsmen who have been injured or become ill while serving in combat zones.


Operation PAL encourages support of our wounded warriors in communities throughout the United States.




We're so glad you joined us for this issue of Operation PAL News, and we're grateful for your involvement in this important outreach program.


We want to thank you for continuing to remember our wounded during the summer months. Historically, summer produces very low card counts because school is out and everyone is busy having fun.


This year has seen a very regular flow, and the summer months are providing our Marines with bulging envelopes of love and good wishes from you. You have no idea how heartwarming it is to go to the PO box expecting to see a few cards but instead being greeted with many cards, some large envelopes and even a few boxes!


We at OperationPAL would like to send each and every one of you a HUGE THANK YOU for doing what you do best. We hope your summer has been full of many smiles and fun times.


One of our card writers created the photo below using a picture of her dog and sent it to each of our PALs. The theme was "Dog Days of Summer." We love it, don't you? 

Dog Days


Semper Family,


Barbara Gemmell
Barbara Gemmell
Volunteer Manager
Operation PAL
MarineParents.com, Inc.

Sgt. James CLB-2  
Participant Highlight 

Sgt. James, his dad and the school's principal


In the spring of 2010, Sgt. James was preparing his men for their deployment to Afghanistan. He was happy with the way his Marines were performing and progressing on the gun range.


"I am real content with my Marines right now," he said.


As their trainer, he is responsible for making sure each Marine is proficient with the equipment they will be using downrange, because for many of them it is the first time using new equipment.


Jump to October 2010, and all that changed. James was wounded by an IED blast, which left his right leg badly injured and forced him to amputate his left leg.. We met him in the hospital and he was anticipating many surgeries on his right leg as well as healing all the other wounds caused by the blast. He was very upbeat despite his injuries and said that if people chose to send him notes of kindness he would surely read them. He has loved your cards and letters.


Sgt. James Speaking at SchoolWhen he was granted recuperative leave in May he visited a school in his hometown where the students had 'adopted' him. They were honored to have a hero in their presence, and he shared his motivation to serve his country and his thanks for all their concerns.


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Where Are They Now?
"My Miracle Marine" Gets Married!

LCpl. John and wife Chrissa

Remember LCpl. John 2/3? He was on our list from 2006-2007. He has three Purple Hearts. When he was shot the first time, he considered it only a scratch. Lucky. The second time, the bullet went straight through. Lucky. The third time, the bullet hit him in the head. Not so lucky. Many hours, many prayers, many months and many miracles later, John's brain function improved and has continued to progress. His Mom wrote a book "My Miracle Marine," that documents their journey as he progressed from a prognosis of never coming out of the coma, to everything he is doing today.

Last spring, John married Chrissa. His best man was Mario, the brave young Marine who pulled John out of the sniper's fire. Mom says the miracles continue.


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Thank You
Thank you so very much for remembering our wounded and ill warriors when you write and pray. Your kindness is most appreciated.
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