Operation Prayers and Letters for Injured Marines
November 18, 2010 

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Total Cards Sent


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Thanks From a Mom:
Sent from Tiffanie, mother of LCpl. David 3/7 Kilo Co:
  "I would like to thank Operation PAL™ for all the wonderful letters and cards that you have sent.. I am taking another batch down to David .. All of you have been wonderful.. Thru the good times that we have had.. and the not so good times.. when David first got hit .. I thought I would never see him again, but you all kept me going.. Thank you, thank you for the prayers that have gotten us through all of this, thank you for the letters, and cards.. and Thank you for just being you.. God Bless"
Tiffanie is not alone. All the families on our list look forward to each batch. Every wish you send makes their day.
Note: Please remember to get your holiday cards sent as soon as possible. If they are postmarked by Dec. 4th they will make it to our wounded in time for Christmas.




Address for Cards
Marine's Name & Co. 
c/o OperationPAL
P.O. Box 1115
Columbia, Missouri 65205
Mission Statement
Operation PAL™ provides support - through prayers and letters from the general public - to Marines and Corpsmen who have been injured or become ill while serving in combat zones.
Operation PAL™ encourages support of our wounded warriors in communities throughout the United States.

We're so glad you joined us for this issue of Operation PAL™ News, and we're grateful for your involvement in this important outreach program.

We received 964 cards to send out to our PALs this month, and as you can see the card count has now hit a major milestone. In the last issue we said we'd report back to you, and......card number 50,000 was sent by Linda Richard from Missouri!


OohRah Linda! And thanks to all of you for sending cheer to our wounded.


If you are a veteran we hope you were able to celebrate Veterans Day and that you were acknowledged for your service. We appreciate the sacrifices you made for us. You signed a portion of your life over to our country, and the grateful citizens of this nation will never forget. THANK YOU!
Keep those prayers and letters coming! They are especially appreciated during the holiday season.
Semper Family,

Barbara Gemmell
Barbara Gemmell
Volunteer Manager
Operation PAL™
MarineParents.com, Inc.
Veteran LCpl. Staci
Participant Spotlight
Since Veteran's Day was last week, we thought you'd like to hear how one of our Veterans is doing. 

LCpl. StaciMany of you wrote to Marine Lance Corporal Staci when she was on the OperationPAL list in 2006. She was injured in Iraq when the ammunition truck she was in overturned, pinning her beneath part of it. She suffered back, neck and major jaw injuries, but she progressed well and was not on our list very long. We recently caught up with her and she has given us some pictures and a great update, so we'll let her tell you herself how she's doing: 

"I am doing great, thank you so much! I can honestly say that I am still not 100% and probably never will be, but I have certainly gotten as close as I will. I live in the Northeast now and I am receiving care from the VA here.
And, due to the severe trauma on my jaw and the reconstructive work that I had to have done, I have been inspired to pursue a career in Oral Surgery,  following in the footsteps of the man who changed my life. I have just graduated with an AA in General Studies, and will be continuing on towards my BA majoring in Biological Sciences. I have a long road ahead, but this has not been the first one I have traveled.

LCpl. Staci with boyfriend Mike
LCpl. Staci with boyfriend Mike
For that I thank your group of amazing families who help so many get and stay on the road to recovery. Just knowing that you have the care and support of so many is reason itself to get better!

Again, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Take care and please pass along my gratitude and well wishes, Staci "
What an inspiration she is to others! Staci, we wish you the best in your educational pursuits and know you will be a fine oral surgeon!
Marine Corps Marathon & 10K 
A Recap of the Day's Events
OpPAL Sgt. EddieWe reported last month that Sgt. Eddie was one of our PALs ready to participate in the annual Marine Corps Marathon, and we are glad to report that all went as planned. There were over 50,000 participants in the Marathon and 10K on October 31st in Washington D.C. The marathon is a fundraising event for OperationPAL as well as many other good causes, and it is truly a remarkable experience from start to finish.
We took pictures of some highlights from the 10K, including the pre-race sunrise behind the Smithsonian building, and the race start on the National Mall with the Washington Monument rising above the trees. You can find all of the pictures on the Marine Parents Facebook page by clicking here.
The marathon route was a long but scenic one. Along the way, all racers passed the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, crossed the 14th bridge from DC to Virginia, were cheered on by water-stop Marines and passed an "OoRah" banner. Those not trying to break any records stopped to have pictures taken with Marines along the route and then crossed the finish line to receive a 'Finisher' medal.
Cpl. Matthew and his teamWe were also able to see some of our Wounded Warriors. Former PAL Josef finished on his hand cycle and made great time. Cpl. Matthew 2/3 made it to the finish as well. He's ready to come off of OperationPAL's list as he is back to work and very busy. OohRah Matthew! Above is the picture of him with his team. Sgt. Eddie, whom we mentioned in the last newslletter, finished to great cheers of joy from all! Fellow Marine Bryan pushed Eddie's custom cycle the entire 26.2 miles.
We know that Gunny Marcus was there and so was Capt. Blake, but the throngs at the finish line made it impossible to find everyone. We hope their races were just as rewarding as ours. If we receive photos of their finishes we will share them in a future issue.
It was a spectacular day and the energy level was astounding. If you could feel the spirit and see all who are able to relish the accomplishment, you would know why so many return to do this year after year. It is an incredible experience. Maybe next year you can participate with us!
We were also able to join Purple Heart Hero Support™ that evening, and we were honored to do so. They bring dinner to Marines and their families at Bethesda Naval Hospital. 
We'd like to thank those of you who contributed to OperationPAL through our Team Marine Parents request. Your generosity is most appreciated. You can still contribute if you missed out by clicking here! 
Thank You
Thank you so very much for remembering our wounded and ill warriors when you write and pray. Your kindness is most appreciated.
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