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Operation Prayers and Letters for Injured Marines
January 15, 2010
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Most Recent Changes
Participant Spotlight: HM2 Anthony 2/7 Fox Co
Most Recent Changes
LCpl Bobby 1/5
LCpl Bryan 2/7 H&S Co
It is with great sadness we bring you the news that Klayton has passed away. We will accept condolence cards for his family until the end of January.
Please address them:
To the family of Sgt. Klayton  
c/o OperationPAL  
P.O. Box 1115 
Columbia, Missouri  65205
Visit us online and view the current list of names anytime. 
Mission Statement
Operation PAL™ provides support - through prayers and letters from the general public - to Marines and Corpsmen who have been injured or become ill while serving in combat zones.
Operation PAL™ encourages support of our wounded warriors in communities throughout the United States.
Dear Supporters,

Happy New Year from all of us here at Marine Parents and Operation PAL™!
January 2010 is already flying by and Valentine's day is around the corner. Here's some food for thought as February quickly approaches:
Who is your valentine? Is it someone who is there for you? Someone who thinks more about your welfare than about his/her own? Someone who is willing to put his/her life on the line for you?
The Marines and Corpsmen on our Operation PAL™ list are all of those things to all of us. Show them some love in this season of caring.
Valentines are just the thing to show you care, and your encouragement is always greatly appreciated. 
Semper Family,

Barbara Gemmell
Barbara Gemmell, Manager
Operation PAL™, Inc.
HM2 Anthony 2/7 Fox Co
Participant Spotlight 
Featured Participant: HM2 AnthonyFrom time to time we spotlight one of our Operation PAL™ participants and today it's all about HM2 Anthony*.
Anthony is in the Navy and the "HM" in "HM2" means 'hospital man.' His Naval rank is "Petty Officer 2nd Class." The Navy and Marine Corps work closely together; a Marine's primary function is to focus on being 'first to fight,' while the Navy supplies the Corps with medical personnel and chaplains.
With this war, you've no doubt become familiar with the term 'embedded.' It is mostly used to refer to reporters who go out with the troops. These Navy personnel are embedded first responders and the relationships are tight. They take care of our Marines and are subject to the same dangers during deployments. The term Corpsman is used instead of Medic and Marines consider each to be 'one of our own.' In addition, Marines often use an affectionate nickname for Navy Corpsmen addressing them as simply, 'Doc.'
'Doc' Anthony is married to Ivonne and has a little son, AJ. AJ was born in the fall of 2007, just months after his daddy was deployed to Iraq and severely wounded when an explosion ripped the supports from under a bridge he and his Marines were guarding. Anthony's most severe injuries are to the brain and spine. He is considered paralyzed and minimally conscious. 
*We have two Doc Anthonys, HM2 and HM3. This is HM2 Anthony.
Thank You
Thank you so very much for remembering our wounded and ill warriors when you write and pray. Your kindness is most appreciated.